We Are The Leading Dog Dentist in Southern Pines. Get Medical Examinations For Your Dog's Oral Health. We Are A Dog Dental Care Clinic That Teaches You How To Care For Your Dog's Dental Needs at Home and With Regular Check ups.

All dogs will experience some sort of Dental Sickness And Dental Discomfort during their lives. The best way to reduce these issues is to start your dog on a dental health regimen at home. This should be coupled with scheduled dental cleanings executed by veterinary dentist. Proper Dental Care At Home is important. Horizon Vet Services Southern Pines are here to teach you how to brush your dog's teeth and provide you with the proper tools to be successful.

Dog Dentist Southern Pines - North Carolina

Veterinary Dental Services in Southern Pines

Dental care is vital to the overall health of any animal. Dental issues leads to health issues with the heart, liver, and kidneys, and can impact the entire body through the bloodstream. In spite of these disturbing facts, many pet owners are not aware of the requirement of dental medication to their pet's health. The most effective method to Safeguard Your Pet From Dental Injuries is through professional cleanings at Horizon Vet Services Southern Pines. Horizon Vet Services Southern Pines will implement thorough cleanings, including the space underneath the gums that you can't see or access at home. 

Southern Pines Dog Dental Treatment

The dog dental care services given here at Horizon Vet Services Southern Pines begin with an analysis by one of our veterinarians. If dental problems are found in your dog's mouth, our Dog Veterinarian will inform you of the situationa dn the possible solutions. During this procedure, once your dog is sedated, our veterinarians are able to get a more clear analysis of the dog's mouth. Horizon Vet Services Southern Pines has all the tools necessary to make sure your Dog is Wholly Free of Dental Disease and pain.

Anesthetic Dentistry in Southern Pines

Not all provedures at Horizon Vet Services Southern Pines are anesthesia-free. It is a obligatory dental standard, asserting that some Pet Dental Processes must be executed while the patients are under general anesthesia. General anesthesia lets us to carefully view the Dog Oral Health requirements of your pet and execute necessary procedures while they are comfortably sedated.

Anesthetic Dentistry in Southern Pines

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Southern Pines

As with humans, pets require routine Teeth Cleaning and dental attention. If proper care is not focused on your pet's teeth and gums, tartar and plaque can build up, entering the bloodstream and leading to deadly diseases. We give advanced Cat And Dog Teeth Cleaning Services in addition to our other high-quality dental services in Southern Pines.